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Clever for the summer season


In many European countries the summer season wreaks havoc. For instance, Spain has recorded temperatures of up to 47°C throughout its history. In South America, people have not been spared from the annoyance and discomfort produced by the heat. For example, temperatures of up to 45 and 52°C have been reported in Colombia and Mexico respectively.

Having to endure such intense heat makes us want to be in contact with water all day long (a good cold shower, being at the swimming pool or at the beach) and constantly hydrate ourselves. However, the solution to offer our bodies the warmth they need against these strong temperatures also lies in the adequate use of underwear and swimwear, as this is important when we want to feel fresh and comfortable.

Thus the technology and design of Clever´s underwear and swimwear will both reduce sweating and guarantee warmth and a fresh body during this upcoming summer.